Chris and Kellie While and Too Few Songs


Track Listing

Chris and Kellie While

1 Broken Things
2 Give Me Wings
3 Talk to me of Mendocino
4 Van Diemen’s Land
5 In My Room
6 Power of Two
7 Memories of You
8 One of These Days
9 Safe Place
10 Empty Hearts
11 100 Miles

Too Few Songs

1 The Words We Never Use
2 Greenfields
3 36 Miles Away From the Sea
4 Love is an Abandoned Car
5 Mississippi
6 Persausion
7 Don’t Let Me Come Home a Stranger
8 Play It All Again
9 Neptune
10Baking Bread
11Let It Be So

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This record is a repackaging of the first two Chris and Kellie While albums, Chris and Kellie While and Too Few Songs. For information about these two albums see Chris and Kellie While (FATCD 014) and Too Few Songs (FATCD 018).

This album is now only available in mp3 format.


‘‘..a varied and serene album from an exceptional mother and daughter duo..’-Living Tradition