Chris While and Julie Matthews – Stages (MP3 Download Part 2)


Track Listing

1 Girl Gone Wrong
2 Class Reunion
3 100 Miles
4 Even the Desert Bears a Seed
5 Piecework
6 Winter Shines
7 Seven Years of Rust
8 Love Has Gone to War
9 The Devil in Me
10 Hard to be the Way
11 The Weight of Loving You
12 Starting All Over Again
13 From This Wood
14 I Can’t Stay
15 Shot Through the Heart
16 The Fool on the Hill


Since it’s release this live album has proved to be one of Chris and Julie’s most popular recordings. It captures all the excitement of a Chris While and Julie Matthew’s concert. Recorded over two nights, backed up by a band of top musicians and with some special guests Chris and Julie perform some of their most popular songs.

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1 The Leaving, 2 The Jewel in the Crown, 3 Blue Songs on a Red Guitar, 4 Angels Walk Among Us, 5 Diggin’ Holes, 6 The Light in my Mother’s Eye, 7 The Thorn Upon the Rose, 8 Lonely Morning Blues, 9 Find My Way Back Home, 10 Tyre Tracks in the Snow, 11 The Heart May Be Right, 12 White Water Running, 13 Only One Man, 14 I Only Want To Be With You, 15 Circle Round the Sun, 16 Separate Lives, 17 The Tennessee Waltz, Full Album (Part 2, £10)